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BAL Law Firm contributes to the development of law while meeting the needs of its clients with its basic principles.

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BAL Law Firm's Professional Legal Services

Law plays a significant role in everyone’s life, and legal issues can often arise. However, the world of law can be complex and confusing, so seeking expert support may be necessary. As BAL Law Firm, we provide a wide range of services in various areas of private law.

Areas such as criminal law, commercial law, real estate law, lease law, immigration law, citizenship/residence permit applications are at the heart of our business. Our expert lawyers work diligently to provide our clients with the most effective legal solutions.

We specialize in dispute resolution and litigation, working with our clients to achieve the best possible outcomes. Our legal consultancy services provide business owners and individuals with the support they need to navigate complex legal issues.

Legal Consultancy

BAL Law Firm is a law firm that provides legal consultancy services. Our firm provides consultancy services to individual and corporate clients for the resolution of legal issues. Specifically, we provide legal advice to our clients on Foreigners and Citizenship Law, Real Estate Law, Rental Law, Criminal Law, and Commercial Law.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Litigation is a way of resolving a dispute through courts. If the right holder’s request does not yield results or if he thinks that making a request will not benefit him/her, he/she applies to the judiciary for the protection of his right. This authority of the right holder is called the right of litigation. Civil litigation are divided into three according to the Civil Procedure Code. These are declaratory cases, action of performance cases and constitutive cases.

Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Attorney is the criminal law service we offer to our clients in Turkey who are faced with a criminal charge by the lawyers of BAL Law Firm. When will you need Criminal Defense Attorney? What does Criminal Defense Attorney do? What kind of penalties are there in Turkey?

Real Estate Attorney

A Real Estate Attorney provides advocacy and consultancy services during real estate purchase and sale transactions and in real estate-related disputes.

Real estate attorney or residential lawyer; assists clients in registration procedures, court decision, enforcement, inheritance, occupation, mortgage sales for properties registered in title deed such as land, flats, and fields. He/she protects the rights of its clients through the right of property, the right of mortgage, the right of easement. It is necessary to get support from a real estate lawyer who is an expert in the field in matters such as illegal expropriation, unfairness in the lease agreement.

Contract Lawyer

A contract can be considered as a transaction that regulates the legal relationship between parties. A contract lawyer is defined as a lawyer who drafts, reviews, examines and resolves disputes arising from contracts between individuals or businesses.

It would not be correct to limit the working area of a contract lawyer to Obligations and Contracts Law. Lawyers and law firms that provide services to different sectors can prepare contracts covering almost all areas of law.

Human Rights Lawyer in Turkey

As lawyers at BAL Law Firm, we contribute to the legal fight of our clients whose claims for seeking justice have been denied or whose rights have been violated by courts or public institutions.

Immigration Lawyer in Turkey

At BAL Law Firm, we provide legal services to foreign clients who wish to live, invest, establish a company or apply for Turkish citizenship in Turkey.

As Turkish attorneys fluent in English, we are happy to assist our foreign clients throughout their legal processes in Istanbul.

Landlord Tenant Attorney

With our “Landlord Tenant Attorney” legal service from BAL Law Firm, we offer the attorney service you need in rental and lease contract and agrement law disputes and eviction issues.

Health Tourism Law Firm in Istanbul & Turkey

As BAL Law Firm, we provide legal consultancy services to international health tourism health facilities, international health tourism agencies, and insurance companies.

Debt Collection Lawyer

Debt collection in Turkey. We offer attorney services for the collection of your receivables, unpaid invoices, checks and bills, permits and proforma in Turkey.

Lawyers for Designers & Creative

We provide legal services for digital designers, agencies, studios, freelancers, graphic designers, web designers, digital marketing agencies, social media  ui and ux designers, mobile applications creators, social media managers, seo experts game companies and other digital idea makers.

Real Estate Buying & Selling in Turkey

BAL Law Firm, we offer safe legal services regarding buying and selling real estate in Turkey. Learn to avoid scams and keep your money and property safe