When Should Rent Be Paid?

Rental contracts typically specify when and how rental payments should be made. So, if the due date for rent payment is not clearly stated in the lease agreement, when should…

Legal Risks for Foreigners Who Want to Live in Turkey

We recommend that foreigners who plan to live in Turkey should seek legal advice from lawyers or law firms that provide services in the field of "Immigration Law" before making their plans. Because residence permit applications, work permit applications, and even applications for Turkish citizenship through investment that are not properly planned can often result in negative outcomes.

Case For Eviction Due To The Landlord’s Need

The landlord can only terminate the lease agreement through an eviction lawsuit if the need for the landlord arises. The most peculiar elements of this lawsuit are that the landlord's needs are sincere, the lawsuit is filed in time, and the landlord cannot re-lease the leased property for three years if the lawsuit is won.

Company Establishment in Turkey

Company establisment in Turkey; procedures are possible in the hands of individuals or through the persons they represent by power of attorney. Therefore, lawyers can easily carry out the establishment of companies in Turkey on behalf of their clients.

Title Deed Cancellation and Registration Cases in Turkey

Since it is written in the petitions and court orders as “… cancellation of the title deed registration … and its registration in the name of …“; The lawsuits for the annulment of the registration of the immovable property and the request for its registration in the name of the owner are called “Title Deed Cancellation And Registration Lawsuits”.

Criminal Seizure in Turkey

First Part; General Seizure in Turkey I. Concept of Seizure in Turkey In Article 4 of the Regulation on Judicial and Prevention Searches, seizure is defined as “the process of…

Criminal Arrest in Turkey

Summary Arrest is a protection measure regulated by Articles 100 to 108 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, which entails the restriction of the freedom of a person who has…

Deportation Turkey

What is Deportation Turkey? Deportation is regulated between Articles 52 and 60 of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection No. 6458. Persons who do not have citizenship of the…

How Much Do Lawyers Cost in Turkey? *2024

According to the “Advisory Minimum Fee Tariff” of the Istanbul Bar Association, which advises lawyers for the 2023 year, the fees in civil cases vary between 18.000-TL (Turkish Lira) and 46.000-TL (Turkish Lira). In addition to this, an additional fee of 10% to 15% is added over the case value in cases that constitute a material benefit.

Lawyer Fee Quote in Turkey

During your research on legal services in Turkey, we would like to point out that some of the websites used as “lawyer’s websites" are not lawyer websites, and you should stay away from such websites. We also remind you that no one other than lawyers can provide legal services in Turkey. We recommend that you stay away from companies that offer legal services without a lawyer in Turkey.

Where Can I Find a Lawyer in Istanbul?

Where Can I Find a Lawyer in Istanbul? The attorneyship profession is a completely trust-based profession. Achieving this trust can sometimes take many years. If you cannot find a lawyer who can be a reference from your acquaintances living in Turkey, the second research method will be to find a lawyer on the internet with search engines such as google yandex.