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As BAL Law Firm, another of our private attorney services is the attorney services we offer for “Lawyers for Designers & Creative​”.

Designers, studios, agencies, digital marketing agencies, digital design agencies, graphic designers, web designers and seo experts who offer creative services do not supply goods or services. The product they offer is “a piece of themselves.” Because in return for the product purchased from these people, their creative idea will now be presented to the market. Creative thinkers also give away their “time” in return for their products.

The product presented against the idea and time may not receive the value it deserves by the customers or clients. In this case, most creative thinkers are legally powerless. It is inevitable for them to get support from lawyers for their legal protection.


Legal Service

BAL Law Firm's Attorneys Legal Service for Designers & Creative Thinkers

At our law firm, we recognize the unique legal needs of those working in the digital industry. That’s why we provide specialized legal services to a wide range of clients, including digital designers, agencies, studios, freelancers, graphic designers, web designers, digital marketing agencies, social media experts in UI and UX design, mobile application creators, social media managers, SEO experts, game companies, and other digital idea makers.

We understand the fast-paced nature of the digital industry and the importance of protecting intellectual property, resolving disputes, and navigating complex legal issues. Our team of experienced attorneys provides personalized legal guidance and support to help our clients achieve their goals and protect their interests.

Whether you’re a freelance graphic designer, a startup mobile application creator, or a social media marketing agency, our legal services are tailored to meet your specific needs. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique challenges and opportunities, and provide practical solutions that align with their business objectives.

I. Contract of Work

The most important protection tool for the products Creative thinkers will offer is contracts. The provisions of this contract, which is in the nature of a work contract, must be managed correctly from the very beginning of the process. Information of the contracting parties, the subject of the contract and explanations about the product, the products requested or not by the client, what will happen about the additional product demand, copyright, license right, protection of industrial designs, protection of trademark rights, how to resolve disputes, amount of fee, how and when it will be paid, billing, means of communication, confidentiality and inevitably penal clauses should be included in these contracts.

It would be appropriate to make separate arrangements for the service to be provided in the preparation of work contracts. Discussions such as whether the product offered by Creative thinkers is in accordance with the contract can be protected by specially prepared contracts.

Most of the time, freelance creative thinkers succumb to the endless demands of customers. However, creative thinkers who are legally safe will not compromise their rights.

II. Copyrights

Copyrights are a form of legal protection for original works of authorship, including literary, artistic, and intellectual works. At our law firm, we can help you protect your copyrights by registering your works with the appropriate government agencies, drafting license agreements, and providing representation in copyright infringement disputes.

III. Licence Agreements

A Licence Agreement is a legal document that grants permission to use intellectual property, such as copyrights or trademarks, for a specified period of time and under certain conditions. Our attorneys can assist you in drafting and negotiating licence agreements that protect your intellectual property rights and ensure that you receive appropriate compensation for the use of your works.

IV. Trade Marks & Brand

Trade Marks and Branding are essential components of any business or creative enterprise. Our team can help you protect your trademarks and develop a comprehensive branding strategy that aligns with your business objectives. We provide a range of services, including trademark registration, infringement analysis, and dispute resolution.

V. Disputes Resolution

Disputes can arise in any industry, and the creative industry is no exception. Our attorneys are experienced in alternative dispute resolution methods, such as negotiation and mediation, as well as litigation when necessary. We can help you resolve disputes in a timely and cost-effective manner while protecting your legal rights and interests.

VI. Debt Collection

Debt Collection can be a complex and time-consuming process, especially for those in the creative industry. Our attorneys can help you recover outstanding debts and unpaid invoices through various legal channels, including demand letters, negotiations, and legal action. We prioritize the protection of our clients’ financial interests and work tirelessly to help them collect what they are owed.

Looking for an intellectual property and design lawyer in Turkey or Istanbul?

As BAL Law Firm, we provide legal support for clients operating in the design and creativity industry. We offer customized services to help our clients protect their intellectual property rights, comply with legal obligations, and grow their businesses.

The design and creativity sector is a unique and dynamic industry that requires a special legal approach. Due to the complexity of legal issues and frequent changes in related regulations, we have a deep understanding of the legal problems our clients face and strive to provide them with fast, effective, and solution-oriented services.