Wide Range of Law Areas

BAL Law Firm is a comprehensive law firm operating in Turkey and Istanbul.

Our firm operates in both Turkish Law and International Law and provides services to our clients in Criminal Law, Real Estate Law, Commercial Law, Execution and Bankruptcy Law, Foreigners Law, and many other legal fields.

Our lawyers provide our clients with comprehensive and solution-oriented legal consulting services and produce customized solutions for their legal needs.

BAL Law Firm provides services to its clients with mastery in almost all areas of law.

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Criminal Law

We represent our clients as a party in criminal cases, whether as an aggrieved person, complainant, victim, or defendant, and provide effective defense services in all courts. We also represent and defend our clients in criminal investigations initiated by the public prosecutor’s office.

Commercial Law

We provide legal services in all legal relations arising from the commercial activities of commercial companies and individual traders. We also provide services regarding your industrial property rights, such as trademarks, patents, utility models, and other intellectual property rights.

We offer legal services in matters related to transportation activities by railway, sea, air, or road, and provide solutions for disputes that may arise in these matters. Additionally, we provide legal services for the resolution of disputes arising from tax law.

Real Estate Law

As BAL Law Firm, we provide services to our clients in all legal issues related to real estate such as land, plots, fields, houses and apartments in Turkey.

Real estate law is a very broad field, and we operate in this area to resolve any disputes that our clients may encounter.

We offer our clients consultancy and legal services in real estate law topics such as land registry records, property owners’ rights, lease agreements, mortgages, property rights, and other real estate law matters.

Immigration Law

BAL Law Firm is an expert law firm that provides services for residence permit, citizenship application, work permit application and all other legal processes for foreigners in Turkey.

We also provide support to foreign investors who want to obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in Turkey.

Enforcement Law

BAL Law Firm provides legal services in the field of Enforcement Law in Turkey. We assist our clients in all aspects of enforcement proceedings, including debt collection, attachment and seizure of assets, foreclosure of properties, and other enforcement measures. Our team of experienced attorneys offers comprehensive and effective solutions to help clients navigate the complexities of enforcement law and achieve their desired outcomes.

Corporate Law

BAL Law Firm provides legal services in the corporate processes of company types such as joint-stock companies, limited liability companies, cooperatives, general partnerships, and consortium partnerships to its corporate clients.

We offer services in company establishment, investment protection, stock issuance, company mergers and acquisitions, company contracts, commercial contracts, intellectual property rights, legal compliance of the company, and other company law matters, meeting the legal needs of our clients. Additionally, we also respond to our clients’ needs in areas such as labor law and tax law.

International Trade Law

BAL Law Firm deals with the legal issues that its clients face during their international trade activities. We provide legal consultancy services to our clients regarding the disputes arising from international trade law. Additionally, we assist in the resolution of disputes through mediation and arbitration, and if necessary, defend the rights of our clients through legal proceedings. We take a proactive approach to minimize the legal risks that businesses may encounter during their international trade activities.

Contract and Obligations Law

BAL Law Firm provides services to its clients in the preparation, review, and resolution of disputes related to contracts. We also offer legal advice and support for the collection of debts, restructuring of debts, and resolution of disputes in the field of obligations law.