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As BAL Law Firm, another of our private attorney services is the attorney services we offer for “Lawyers for Designers & Creative​”. Designers, studios, agencies, digital marketing agencies, digital design agencies, graphic designers, web designers and seo experts who offer creative services do not supply goods or services. The product they offer is “a piece of themselves.” Because in return for the product purchased from these people, their creative idea will now be presented to the market. Creative thinkers also give away their “time” in return for their products.

The product presented against the idea and time may not receive the value it deserves by the customers or clients. In this case, most creative thinkers are legally powerless. It is inevitable for them to get support from lawyers for their legal protection.

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Legal Services We Offer For Creative Thinkers;

Contract of Work

The most important protection tool for the products Creative thinkers will offer is contracts. The provisions of this contract, which is in the nature of a work contract, must be managed correctly from the very beginning of the process. Information of the contracting parties, the subject of the contract and explanations about the product, the products requested or not by the client, what will happen about the additional product demand, copyright, license right, protection of industrial designs, protection of trademark rights, how to resolve disputes, amount of fee, how and when it will be paid, billing, means of communication, confidentiality and inevitably penal clauses should be included in these contracts.

It would be appropriate to make separate arrangements for the service to be provided in the preparation of work contracts. Discussions such as whether the product offered by Creative thinkers is in accordance with the contract can be protected by specially prepared contracts.

Most of the time, freelance creative thinkers succumb to the endless demands of customers. However, creative thinkers who are legally safe will not compromise their rights.


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