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Do you need legal informations from a lawyer / attorney at law in Istanbul & Turkey? Ask a lawyer to find the answer to your legal question. — We offer the legal services you need to solve your problems in Turkey. ⸻ Learn More.


Why Should You Ask A Lawyer?

As in most business sectors, experience is essential in the legal profession.

The legal issue you are facing may seem very complex to you. However, experienced lawyers know how the problem can be solved, on average, in how long and with what risks. That way, they can get your problem resolved.

According to our experience, those who try to solve their legal problems without the help of a lawyer in Turkey can make huge mistakes.

For example, a person who evacuated the workplace he rented without making a turnkey report and terminating his contract had to pay a 1-year rental fee. In another case, a question was asked about a person in a complaint to the prosecutors office in forensic medicine. He had to communicate with his privilege.

Citizens and foreigners who pay money to companies or individuals without knowing how they can have a valid use in Turkey cannot give away their houses or money. People who cannot defend themselves will be able to lose their case with simple evidence. This is punishable by criminal penalties or a judicial fine. Similarly, we can give many examples. The only way to be protected from all these risks is to benefit from the help of a lawyer in all legal matters in Turkey.

Everyone in Turkey, has the authority to defend himself and manage his case. However, the legal system and legislation in Turkey is very complex. Laws and multi-faceted regulations can change every day. This issue is about a professional issue to sue, end up with litigation. Your rights may be voided by ending the work that needs to be done within a certain period of time or applying to the wrong institution or court.

Lawyers follow their good solutions professionally. Those who can review precedent court decisions and prefer alternative ways to resolve the issue.

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How Can I Ask A Lawyer A Question in Turkey?

We believe that the easiest way to ask a lawyer is the communication method that provides instant communication. The best method for adding documents, recording the conversations and a correct return would be to use e-mail. Lawyers of BAL Law Firm will reply to the incoming e-mail according to the correct department and provide a return to you. Do not forget to add your contact information (phone number, whatsapp number) so that it can be returned to your mail.

Would you like to get an attorney fee quote from BAL Law Firm? The first criterion that many client candidates conduct research on legal issues is the lawyers fee. However, we would like to emphasize that the first thing to be investigated is the choice of the “Right Lawyer“. | Get a Lawyer Fee Quote

Before submitting your question; In order to provide you with the legal services you need and the best lawyer service to solve your legal question, we would like you to review a few steps below before submitting your question:

In which practice area do you want to ask a lawyer?

If you indicate in which legal field the question you want to ask is, your question will be sent directly to our lawyer who provides services in that field of law. Please indicate that you think your question is related to one or more of the following areas of law.

Is there a legal process initiated or ongoing regarding the question you want to ask the lawyer?

Is there any legal situation that you started or continues regarding the legal question you want to ask? If there is a lawsuit, enforcement proceeding, mediation, legal application or any other process regarding your legal question, please indicate this. There are statute of limitations or statute of limitations in law. We do not want you to lose your rights in the ongoing legal processes.

Check the our articles before submitting the matter you wish to consult or the question you wish to convey to the lawyer.

The answer to your question for the solution of your legal question may have been answered on our Articles page and our articles.

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