How to Obtain Turkish Citizenship by Buying Real Estate?

How to Obtain Turkish Citizenship by Buying Real Estate?

Turkish citizenship by buying real estate; The value of the real estate to be purchased in Turkey is of great importance in order to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment. According to the second paragraph (b) of Article 20 of the Regulation on the Implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law;

Foreign individuals who purchase real estate for at least 400,000 US Dollars or the equivalent in foreign currency or Turkish Lira and who commit not to sell the property for three years, or who pay at least 400,000 US Dollars or the equivalent in foreign currency or Turkish Lira for a property that has been established with condominium ownership or floor easement, and who have a contract from a notary indicating that the sale of the property has been promised with a commitment that the transfer and abandonment will not be made for three years, which is annotated in the land registry by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization,” may obtain Turkish citizenship with a decision of the President.

I. Property Value

To obtain Turkish citizenship through the purchase of real estate, the value of the purchased property must be at least 400,000 US Dollars (USD). If the real estate sale transaction will be made in Turkish Lira, the Turkish Lira – US Dollar exchange rate will be determined according to the effective selling rate announced on the official website of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey.

II. Real Estate Valuation Report

The report on the value of the real estate must be obtained from real estate appraisal companies published on the internet sites of either the Capital Markets Board or the Association of Turkish Valuation Experts. Reports must be issued within 3 months prior to the application date. Otherwise, a new report will be requested.

III. Payment Receipt of the Real Estate Value

The payment of the real estate value for sale or sale promise agreement must be made through a bank. The payment receipt approved by the bank is one of the documents that must be submitted during the application process.

IV. Real Estate Sales Transactions with Power of Attorney

It is possible to carry out real estate sales transactions with power of attorney. For this, the power of attorney must authorize committing to a pledge that the property will not be sold for 3 years, indicate that the purpose of purchasing the property is to obtain citizenship through an exceptional way stated in the Turkish Citizenship Law, and include authority on citizenship procedures.

V. Application for Citizenship by Real Estate Investment

After the real estate purchase transactions are completed and necessary documents are obtained, the process for applying for Turkish citizenship should be initiated.

At BAL Law Firm, we handle the entire process of our foreign clients’ real estate acquisition and citizenship application processes, as well as investment through deposit for Turkish citizenship.

To Obtain a Suitability Certificate

To obtain a suitability certificate according to the selected investment route, a suitability certificate must be obtained from the relevant Ministry or Public Institution. For obtaining the Suitability Certificate for Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship through Real Estate Investment, a minimum of 400,000 US Dollars (USD) or its equivalent in foreign currency or Turkish Lira must be invested, and the suitability certificate must be obtained from the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre.

Short Term Residence Permit

After obtaining the suitability certificate, an application for a residence permit must be made. Residence permit applications can be made through the E-Residence system.

However, documents must be submitted to the Directorate General of Migration Management for the residence permit. For the submission of relevant documents for the residence permit, the necessary applications can be made through a proxy without the need for the foreigner to come to Turkey.

Applications and related documents can also be followed up at Turkish consulates. Residence permit applications are concluded within 90 days at the latest.

After obtaining a short-term residence permit, an application for Turkish Citizenship can be made with all documents.

Applications for Turkish Citizenship are made at the Foreign Investors’ Special Offices in Istanbul and Ankara, and at the Provincial Population and Citizenship Directorates in other cities.

The application of the foreign investor is evaluated by the Ministry of Interior Commission and presented to the President. With the approval of the President, citizenship rights will be acquired.

What are the required documents for Citizenship by Investment application?

  • Application Form (VAT-4 Form)
  • Passport or similar document indicating the applicant’s nationality (if stateless, a notarized and Turkish-translated document confirming this status)
  • Proof of marital status, such as a marriage certificate if married, a divorce certificate if divorced, or a death certificate if widowed.
  • A birth certificate or a similar document showing the applicant’s personal information, and if married, a family registration document or similar document proving the family ties of the spouse and children.
  • If the date of birth is not known, a document from the competent authority of the country of origin to complete the date of birth (or a signed declaration if the document cannot be obtained)
  • Payment receipt of the service fee
  • Two biometric photographs, sized 50×60 mm, on a white background, and compliant with the ICAO’s standards for machine-readable photos.
  • Short-term residence permit document
  • If there is a child under the custody of the parent and the parent wants the child to obtain Turkish citizenship with him/her, a document showing the consent of the other parent not present in Turkey, certified by a notary or a competent official, or a Turkish translation of the document certified in accordance with the relevant procedures. • Certificate of conformity
  • Original power of attorney.

Do I need a Law Firm to Apply for the Turkish Citizenship Program?

You can apply for the turkish citizenship by buying real estate program in person. However, if the required documents are not submitted correctly, the process may be prolonged or the loss of rights may result. For example, many foreign spouses and children could not become Turkish citizens due to erroneous applications to the Turkish citizenship program. For this reason, we recommend that you seek help from the Turkish Citizenship Law Firm in order to apply for Turkish Citizenship.

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