How to Appeal to Reject of Residence Permit in Turkey?

how to appeal rejected residence permit in turkey

I. Residence Permit in Turkey

Foreigners need a legal permit to reside in Turkey for a period longer than their visa allows. This permit may be a residence permit or a work permit. Appeal to reject of residence permit

Residence permit applications may not always be accepted. It is important to justify the reasons for staying in Turkey in the application. Often, we see that foreigners only apply for Short-term Touristic Residence Permits without making travel plans or even declaring their income.

Residence permit applications are often rejected due to insufficient justification of the reasons for the application since they are not made by expert lawyers. However, if the residence permit application is made by expert lawyers, the likelihood of rejection will decrease.

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II. Rejection of Residence Permit Application

It is very important that you meet the necessary conditions for the residence permit you apply for. Otherwise, your residence permit application will definitely be rejected. However, in some cases, even if you apply correctly and you do not have any missing documents, your residence permit application may be rejected at the discretion of the administration.

Reasons for rejection of your residence permit;

  • Lack of necessary conditions for residence permit
  • Existence of a deportation decision regarding the foreigner.
  • Existence of a foreigner’s entry ban
  • Carrying a disease that would be considered a threat to public health
  • Not giving the information of the address where he will stay when he comes to Turkey
  • Having applied for a residence permit after violating the visa
  • Application for the type of residence permit that is not suitable for the person
  • May apply for a residence permit after the visa exemption period has expired.

After your residence permit is rejected, you can receive your refusal notice from the Provincial Immigration Administration. A reason for the rejection of your residence permit application must be submitted by the Provincial Immigration Administration. The reason is written in your refusal notice.

You must exit Turkey within 10 days after receiving your refusal notice. Otherwise, you will be deported and you will have to pay an administrative fine.

III. Appeal Case Due To Rejected of Residence Permit in Turkey

A foreigner whose residence permit has been rejected in Turkey can file a lawsuit within 60 days at the Administrative Court for the annulment of the decision. However, this lawsuit does not legalize the foreigner’s stay in Turkey. If the Administrative Court decides to grant an injunction to suspend the decision, the foreigner’s stay in Turkey will be considered to be based on justifiable reasons.

The lawsuit for the annulment of the rejection of the residence permit application takes between 6 months and 1 year on average.

If a decision to suspend the decision is not taken shortly after the lawsuit is filed, the period during which the foreigner stays in Turkey illegally may lead to a ‘ban on entering Turkey.’ Therefore, if a foreigner files a lawsuit in the administrative court, he/she must consider the duration of the visa violation period.

If you leave Turkey within 10 days and re-enter after your residence permit has been rejected, it is possible to apply for a residence permit again. However, if you apply for a residence permit again within 6 months, you must apply for a different type of residence permit for a different reason.

It is very important that you consult a lawyer after your residence permit application has been rejected. It is vital that you work with a lawyer in order to open and follow up your cases and to apply for the type of residence permit that suits you.

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