1. What is Turkey Residence Permit?

The Turkey Residence Permit is the legal document that the foreigner who will stay in Turkey longer than the visa period must obtain from the Provincial Immigration Administration and determines the period of stay in Turkey. It is obligatory for foreigners who will stay in Turkey for more than ninety days or the period granted by the visa or visa exemption to obtain a residence permit.

We will inform you about types of residence permit, Turkey immigration, how to get residence permit in Turkey, turkish residence permit fees and turkish residence permit renewal.


2. Turkey Residence Permit Application

The residence permit application is made to the consulates in the country where the foreigner is a citizen or legally or, if the foreigner is in Turkey, to the Provincial Immigration Administration.

How to apply residence permit in Turkey: Foreigners who will apply for a residence permit are required to have a passport or a document that replaces a passport with a validity period of sixty days longer than the residence permit period they requested.

According the Turkish residence permit new rules 2022; when applying for a residence permit to the Provincial Immigration Administration, an appointment is first made on the website. The required documents and petition are delivered to the Provincial Immigration Administration at the time of the appointment.

The documents you need to submit to the Provincial Immigration Administration vary depending on the type of residence permit you are applying for. We recommend that you work with an expert law firm while preparing your documents and making your application. Lawyers of BAL Law Firm provide legal support for your residence permit applications.


3. Documents Required for Residence Permit Application in Turkey

The documents to be submitted vary according to the type of residence permit. But in general, the documents to be submitted are;

  1. Residence Permit Application Form (Must be signed by foreigner and/or official representative)
  2. Photocopies of passport or passport substitute document
  3. Four (4) biometric photographs
  4. Statement that you have sufficient and regular financial means during your stay
  5. Documents/receipts showing residence fee and card fee payment
  6. Health insurance
  7. Document showing that you are in the Address Registration System
  8. Document Indicating Your Accommodation
  9. E-signed/signed and stamped/sealed “Domain Certificate” to be obtained from the provincial/district civil registration offices or from the e-devlet (www.turkiye.gov.tr)
  10. Copy of title deed if you live in your own home
  11. If you are staying on a lease, a notarized copy of your lease;
  12. If you are staying in a place such as a hotel, documentation of your stay at those places;
  13. If you are staying in a student dormitory, an e-signed/signed and sealed/stamped document stating that you are staying in the dormitory,
  14. If you are staying with a third party, the notarized commitment of the person staying with you (if the person staying with you is married, also the notarized commitment of the spouse)


4. Types of Residence Permit in Turkey

Types of Residence Permit are Short Term Residence Permit, Family Residence Permit, Student Residence Permit, Long Term Residence Permit, Humanitarian Residence Permit and Human Trade Victim Residence Permit. The requirements for applying for all residence permits are different. For this reason, you should consult a law firm when deciding which residence permit you should apply for.


Short Term Residence Permit Turkey

Short-term residence permit can be given to the following foreigners:

  • a) Those who will come for scientific research
  • b) Those who own immovable property in Turkey (Turkey residence permit buy property)
  • c) Those who will establish a commercial connection or business
  • ç) Those who will participate in in-service training programs
  • d) Those who will come for educational or similar purposes within the framework of agreements to which the Republic of Turkey is a party or student exchange programs
  • e) Those who will stay for tourism purposes
  • f) They will be treated provided that they do not have one of the diseases considered as a threat to public health.
  • g) Those who need to stay in Turkey depending on the request or decision of the judicial or administrative authorities
  • ğ) Those who changed from family residence permit to short-term residence permit
  • h) Will attend Turkish learning courses
  • ı) Those who will participate in education, research, internship and courses in Turkey through public institutions
  • i) Those who have completed their higher education in Turkey and apply within six months from the date of graduation
  • j) Those who do not work in Turkey but will invest within the scope and amount to be determined by the President, and their foreign spouse, minor or dependent foreign child of himself and his spouse
  • k) Citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

If you want to stay in Turkey as a tourist residence or if you have purchased real estate in Turkey (Turkey residence permit buy property) you must apply for this residence permit.


Family Residence Permit Turkey

Turkish citizens, those who are within the scope of Article 28 of Law No. 5901 or foreigners who have one of the residence permits, refugees and subsidiary protection status holders;

  • a) To his foreign spouse,
  • b) To the minor foreign child of himself or his spouse,
  • c) To the dependent foreign child of himself or his spouse,

A family residence permit can be issued for a period not exceeding three years each time.

However, the duration of the family residence permit may never exceed the duration of the sponsor’s residence permit.

In family residence permit requests, the following conditions are sought from the sponsor:

  • a) Minimum wage per family member, with a total income not less than the minimum wage. have a monthly income of not less than one third
  • b) Housing in accordance with general health and safety standards according to the population of the family
  • Having health insurance that covers all family members
  • c) Any crime against family order within five years as of the date of application. to certify with a criminal record that one has not been convicted
  • ç) Staying in Turkey for at least one year with a residence permit
  • d) To be registered in the address registration system


Student Residence Permit

A student residence permit is given to foreigners who will study at a higher education institution in Turkey with an associate degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s or doctorate. Foreigners who will receive primary and secondary education, whose care and expenses are undertaken by a real or legal person, can be granted and extended a student residence permit for one-year periods during their education with the consent of their parents or legal representatives. If the education period is less than one year, the duration of the student residence permit cannot exceed the period of study.

Associate, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students who receive formal education in Turkey can work provided that they obtain a work permit.


Long Term Residence Permit

Foreigners who have stayed in Turkey for at least eight years without interruption or who meet the conditions determined by the Ministry, are granted an indefinite residence permit by the governorships with the approval of the Ministry.

The following conditions are sought in the transition to a long-term residence permit:

  • a) Staying in Turkey with a residence permit for at least eight years without interruption
  • b) Not having received social assistance in the last three years
  • c) To have a sufficient and regular source of income to provide for himself or his family
  • ç) To have valid health insurance
  • d) Not to pose a threat to public order or public security

Humanitarian Residence Permit

Humanitarian residence permit may be granted and extended by the Provincial Immigration Administration, provided that it is limited to the periods determined by the Ministry, without seeking the conditions for granting other residence permits in the humanitarian residence permit. Humanitarian residence permit is issued in the following cases;

  • a) In the best interests of the child
  • b) When foreigners cannot be made to leave Turkey or it is not considered reasonable or possible for them to leave Turkey, despite the decision of deportation or entry ban to Turkey.
  • c) When a deportation decision is not taken for the foreigner pursuant to Article 55
  • ç) When applying to the judiciary against the actions taken pursuant to Articles 53, 72
  • d) During the continuation of the applicant’s return to the first country of asylum or a safe third country
  • e) When foreigners, who are required to be allowed to enter and stay in Turkey for urgent reasons or for the protection of the country’s interests, public order and public security, are not able to obtain one of the other residence permits due to their situation that hinders the granting of a residence permit.
  • f) In extraordinary situations


Human Trade Victim Residence Permit

A 30-day residence permit is issued by the governorates to foreigners who are or are strongly suspected to be victims of human trafficking, so that they can get rid of the effects of their experiences and decide whether or not to cooperate with the authorities.


5. Turkey Residence Permit Cost in Turkey 2022

Turkish residence permit fees for 2022 are as follows:

  1. Residence permit card fee is 160 TL,
  2. Residence permit fee is 1040 TL (Citizens of Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland, Kosovo, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Syria and Turkmenistan are not obliged to pay the fee of 1040 TL.)
  3. Health insurance fee (500 TL – 1500 TL)
  4. Notary and translation expenses
  5. Apostille approval fees


6. Residence Permit Renewal

Residence permits can be extended by applying to the Provincial Immigration Administration. Applications for extension must be made as of sixty days before the expiration of the residence permit and in any case before the expiry of the residence permit. Those who apply to extend their residence permit are issued a document that is not subject to fees. Even if their residence permit period has expired, these foreigners can reside in Turkey with this document until a decision is made about them. Extended residence permits are initiated from the expiry date of the legal permit periods. Provincial Immigration Administration decides whether the extension applications will be positive or negative.


7. Turkish Residence Permit Benefits

Once you get a residence permit, you can legally stay in Turkey for the duration of your permit. You can travel within Turkey. Also, if you get a work permit, you can work. You do not run the risk of deportation or detention.

Which countries can i visit with turkish residence permit; Residence permit is not citizenship and you cannot have a Turkish passport with a residence permit. For this reason, you cannot go to other countries with a Turkish passport.


8. Work Permit

According to Article 27 of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection; “Work Permit Exemption Confirmation Certificate issued pursuant to Article 10 of the Law on Work Permits of Foreigners is considered a residence permit.” If you have a work permit in accordance with this law, you do not need to obtain a residence permit separately.


9. Need to Know About Residence Permit Applications

First of all, it should be noted that the passport or passport replacement document that will be used to apply for the residence permit has a validity of at least sixty days in accordance with the duration of the residence permit.

The passport or passport replacement document that will be applied for the residence permit should not be torn, worn out, outdated.

Residence permits obtained from abroad lose their validity if they are not used within six months.


10. What Happens If My Turkish Residence Permit is Rejected?

Can residence permit be rejected; It is also possible for the competent authority to give a decision of rejection as a result of the examination. The residence permit application may be rejected due to procedural deficiencies and errors. It can also be rejected as a result of erroneous assessment by the administration. The application may also be rejected for reasons related to the person and the concrete situation, such as the foreigner not having the required qualifications, having a deportation decision, being banned from entering the country.

It is not possible for a foreigner whose residence permit application has been rejected, to continue to reside in the country. For this reason, it is very important to object to the rejection decision in accordance with the law. It is very important that the objection be made with a lawyer.

The decision of rejection is notified to the foreigner. The foreigner can file a lawsuit for the annulment of the residence permit application rejection decision by applying to the Administrative Court within 60 days of the notification of the rejection decision. In case of rejection of the residence permit application, a lawsuit is filed at the Ankara Administrative Court in case of foreign representations, and in the case of the governorships, in the administrative court within the jurisdiction of the governorship.

The foreigner must leave the country within 10 days from the notification of the rejection decision. The foreigner’s objection to the application refusal decision will not stop the 10-day period to leave the country.

If the foreigner does not leave the country within the specified 10-day period, a decision to deport the foreigner is made. A lawsuit must be filed in the administrative court for the annulment of the deportation decision. If no lawsuit is filed, the foreigner is deported. If the foreigner files a lawsuit against the deportation decision in the administrative court and a stay of execution decision is taken, he can stay in Turkey until the case is concluded.

In this very difficult process, it is necessary to get help from expert lawyers. If the necessary objections are not made and the case is not filed correctly, the foreigner will be deported.



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