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I. What is a Legal Counsel?

Law is a comprehensive area which requires speciality. In order to come up with a solution to either individual legal disputes or corporate legal disputes, taking support from a legal counsel averts forfeiture. Legal counsel definition has importance to make because in today’s global world, individuals, public institutions, corporations and various establishments that can’t be counted need legal help and protection.

At this point, legal counselors become current issue. Roughly speaking, a legal counsel offers advisory services that particularly are about legal issues to corporations and public institutions or to individuals who face legal matters.

Provides auditing of individual or corporate legal activities. Undertakes the duty of representation in cases arising from legal disputes, carries out correspondence and regulations regarding business activities, and makes necessary recommendations.

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II. Types of Legal Counselling

Legal counselling is separated into two depending on who they’re working with: Corporate legal counselling services and personal legal counselling services.

Personal legal counselling service is a service that works in line with an individual’s requirement who faces various legal disputes and wants to take professional legal help.

While coming to an agreement with the client as a personal legal counsel, it is discussed in detail for which legal disputes the person wishes to receive legal counsel support. In consequence of the interview, it is agreed on a compromise about the charge and then procuratorship is undertook.

With individual legal consultancy, it is ensured that the client’s investigation files and criminal cases, civil cases, enforcement cases and enforcement proceedings, notices, contracts, and many legal transactions are carried out and the client is guided with the advice to be given on these issues.

Corporate legal counselling service is a service that provides all kinds of legal consultancy services to public institutions and organizations and private legal entities, namely joint stock companies, limited liability companies, holdings and other companies. Hiring a corporate legal counsel is much more beneficial for legal entities because corporate legal counsel is technically a lawyer that works only for a single business or organization.

Drafting, reviewing, negotiating agreements and contracts are corporate legal counsels’ primary duties. Corporate legal counsels are also known as In-House Counsels. All In-House Counsels are lawyers who work directly for a business or organisation, but the specifics of each In-House Legal Counsel role vary greatly depending on their employer. Businesses of all sectors and sizes require legal advice and risk management, so an In-House Counsel may find himself working as part of a team of 30 lawyers for an international organisation.
Corporate legal counsels are expertised people in corporate law. Provide assistance to corporations with their legal transactions or any other intersections with law that a corporation might encounter while operating. A corporate counsel works in and out of the courtroom on a wide range of legal matters. In a nutshell, organizations are tend to provide legal counselling services in order to protect their rights legally and it becomes ultimately important to work with business legal counsels to overcome legal matters.

The difference between a corporate attorney and a corporate legal counsel is that corporate lawyers sometimes work for companies on a full-time basis but those companies are not their number one employee. Almost every major law firm has an entire department of attorneys who specialize in corporate law. Corporate counsel is an in-house attorney that works full time for a single company. In law field, usually by “corporate counsel” it is meant an in-house lawyer, an employee of the corporation. Usually by “corporate lawyer” it is meant a partner or associate at a private law firm who does transactional work for corporate clients.

We, as Bal Law Firm, are one of the Turkish law firms that serves thir clients with their expertised English speaking Turkish lawyers and are coming up with legal business solutions providing you business legal counselling services with our experienced Turkish and English speaking legal counsels.

Things to take into consideration while choosing a personel legal counsel

While choosing a legal counsel, a good research should be done in order to avoid any loss of rights in the future. The qualities that a good legal counsel should have can be listed as follows:

  • To be experienced
  • To have the necessary legal equipment
  • To follow the current developments continuosly
  • Developed in communication skills and diction
  • To be able to take steps sto solve all kinds of legal problems of the client
  • To propose solutions to the problems experienced and to take the necessary steps
  • To inform by making risk analyzes of the institution or individual regularly
  • Being a detailed and good listener in understanding the demands of the institution or individual
    The main difference between a lawyer and a legal counsel is that the primary purpose of the legal counsel is to prevent the emergence of legal problems. It carries out activities and directions in order for the transactions to be carried out in accordance with the law. It is sufficient for legal advisers to graduate from law school to perform their duties. However, in order to practice the legal profession, a legal internship of 1 year is required. In this case, lawyers also have the right to act as legal counsel.

We, as BAL Law Firm, provide legal counsels to our clients with English and Turkish speaking legal counsels and come up with beneficial solutions to all of your legal problems.