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BAL Law Firm was established with lawyers who freely represent the defense independent from the founding elements of the judiciary. We provide independent legal services to clients, the judiciary and the administration/state.


Criminal Law

Criminal law, which also known as penal law, is the branch of law that regulates illegal acts that constitute a crime and the sanctions related to these acts.

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Corporate Law

Corporate law is a branch of law within the scope of commercial law that examines the legal relations regarding the establishment, merger, division, transfer and liquidation of corporations.

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Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law is a sub-branch of property law that covers the purchase, use, rental and sale of immovable properties such as land, plots, houses, flats and apartments.

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Commercial Law

Commercial law includes laws on business contracts, sale of goods, banking, insurance, finance, partnership, bankruptcy, trade, all business issues and taxation and transportation problems.

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