What is Real Estate Law?

Real Estate Law is a sub-branch of property law that covers the purchase, use, rental and sale of immovable properties such as land, plots, houses, flats and apartments. The main subject of real estate law is the right of property.

Property law is regulated in the fourth part of the Turkish Civil Code. It is also regulated in detail by various legislative provisions.

What Areas are Included in Real Estate Law?

There are many areas involved in real estate law. Some of these are;

  • Buying or selling an estate in Turkey. The purchase of real estate by foreigners is within the scope of real estate law.
  • Construction
  • Leasing
  • Property Taxes 
  • Problems Between Property Owners
  • Real Estate Contract Law

What are Real Estate Law Cases?

Title Deed Cases

The title deed cases among the Real Estate Law cases cover the types of cases such as title deed registration or deed cancellation. Land registry correction case, deed cancellation and registration cases cases are the most common cases in title deed cases.

Remuneration Lawsuits

There is an unfair violation of the real estate in remuneration lawsuits, which is one of the real estate law litigation matters. Actio Negatoria

Expropriation Lawsuits

Covers objections to expropriation procedures by determining the price of private property and lands. It is opened against the municipality and public institutions.

Rental Lawsuits

Rental lawsuits filed by the tenant or landlord resolve disputes arising from the rental price or eviction. Rental price determination cases, Rental litigation, Eviction cases are the most common cases in rental law. – Learn More About Landlord Tenant Attorney Service

Dissolution of Partnership

These are the lawsuits filed for the termination of partnership in immovable properties with partners. It opens in Magistrates Courts.

Lawsuits Filed Due to Disputes Arising From Contracts Related to Real Estate

The lawsuit for the arrangement of the real estate sales promise to contract, pre-emption contract and construction contract in return for land share are also included in the field of real estate law.

Lawsuits Filed Due to Disputes Arising From Contracts Related to Real Estate

Buying property in Turkey; Real estate lawyer comfirms that ownership is appropriately vested in the seller of the home. The real estate attorney contacts the realtor from whom you will buy the house. Real estate lawyer services identify that if there are any unpaid loans, liens, litigation or other claims aganist the real estate. Real estate lawyer negotiates the real estate contract to determine how money will be paid. Property law attorney helps open a bank account in Turkey and property lawyer will be with you in the transactions related to the title deed and prepares the necessary documents. . Real estate attorney prepares or reviews all of the documents that are signed of a real estate purchase and represent the buyer’s interests. Personal property attorney confirms that the parties have fulfilled their obligations under the contract. Estate law attroney assists clients in resolving disputes. – Learn More

Power of Attorney for Property Registration; If you are not in Turkey, your personel property attorney can purchase real estate for you with a power of attorney and register the real estate with you.

Power of Attorney to Sell Property in Turkey; If you are not in Turkey, selling property in Turkey power of attorney is possible. Real estate attorney can sell your real estate in Turkey to any person you want with a power of attorney on your behalf.

Rental Property in Turkey; Property law attorney will be with you in your rental disputes. Property law attorney can also rent your property with a power of attorney if you want and authorize him. – Lean More

Real Estate Litigation; The real estate attorney will represent you if the dispute goes to court. Real estate lawyer prevents you from losing a valuable item such as real estate. You need to work with a knowledgeable lawyer in this field, which requires a lot of knowledge.

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We provide real estate attorney services in the field of registry examination procedures and determination of the value of İstanbul real estate before the land registry and cadastre directorates and municipalities, and the follow-up of the litigation process in case of bringing the disputes arising in the construction and work projects to the judiciary.