Where Can I Find a Lawyer in Istanbul?

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Where can i find a lawyer in Istanbul ? Before answering this question, we thought you might need some general information. We recommend you to read the following information about being a lawyer in Istanbul , Turkey.

I. General Informations

What is a lawyer called in Turkey?

In Turkey a lawyer / attorney / solicitor is called a “Avukat“.

The word “Avukat” has similarities with the Spanish words “Abogado” and the French words “Avocat”, and the Italian words “Avvocato”. In fact, the word “Avukat” was also translated into Turkish from the French word “Avocat” and became Turkish.

Lawyers have a ban on advertising in Turkey.

In Turkey, the attorneyship profession is considered a public service. Therefore, it cannot be carried out as a commercial activity. There is also a law regulation that prohibits lawyers from dealing with trade. For this reason, it is forbidden for lawyers to advertise and engage in such behavior.

Since the legal profession in Turkey is not considered a “commercial” activity, lawyers cannot come together and establish a business company for profit. Lawyers can carry out their professional activities jointly as a “law firm” without coming together for commercial purposes.

How can you find out if a person is a lawyer in Turkey?

Lawyers in Turkey must be registered with the bar association. You can determine whether a person is a lawyer or not on the website of the Union of Turkish Bar Associations : https://www.barobirlik.org.tr/AvukatArama.

Can companies or others, other than a lawyer or a law firm, solve my legal problem?

In Turkey, no one other than lawyers can give legal opinions or establish a company to solve legal problems. This is prohibited by law. However, it is seen that many companies try to provide services under the name of consultancy in legal matters due to the lack of auditing. We recommend that you know that such companies do not act in accordance with the law and that you stay away from such consulting companies.

Can I get free attorneyship services in Turkey?

As a rule, it is forbidden for lawyers to provide services free of charge in Turkey. You can read this article to learn about attorney fees in Turkey.

People who cannot afford the costs of attorneyship in Turkey can request attorneyship services from the Legal Aid Offices of the Bar Associations.

In criminal proceedings in Turkey, the parties have the right to request a lawyer from the court. In this case, the criminal court or the prosecutor’s office may request a free lawyer from the bar association.

II. Why do you need a lawyer in Istanbul?

Why you need a lawyer in Turkey is important because of what type of law you are researching.

Lawyers usually set some areas of work for themselves. It is not possible for a lawyer to know all the details of all fields of work within a very wide legislation. For this reason, lawyers provide services especially in the areas they specialize in.

First of all, before asking where can I find a lawyer in Turkey, it is important to determine why you need a lawyer and in which field you need legal services.

Doing research on your fields of work will facilitate your search for a lawyer.

Categories such as Family Law, Criminal Law , Real Estate Law , Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Administrative Law , Foreigners and Citizenship Law , Contract and Obligations Law can be considered as workspaces. More workspace names can be found here.

The subject of legal dispute will be important in determining the fields of work. For example, it would be right to call the lawyers and law offices that provide services in the field of Family Law to get information about divorce, Foreigners and Citizenship Law to get information about Residence Permit, and Criminal Law to get information about arrest.

Once you’ve determined what type of attorney you need, you can go to step two to limit your search.

III. Where Can I Find a Lawyer in Istanbul?

References – Do you have any acquaintances living in Istanbul or Turkey?

The attorneyship profession is a completely trust-based profession. Achieving this trust can sometimes take many years. Instead of this, advice and comments from someone with this experience can help you find the right lawyer for you. Our first recommendation is for you to find out whether you know a lawyer living in Turkey or working with a lawyer in Turkey, and whether they have a lawyer who can help you in your field. None of the lawyer research you do on the internet will be more valuable than the advice of a satisfied client who has worked with a lawyer.

Searching lawyers on the Internet.

If you cannot find a lawyer who can be a reference from your acquaintances living in Turkey, the second research method will be to find a lawyer on the internet with search engines such as google yandex.

In which city is the legal subject you need a lawyer in?

It is very important for you to determine in which city of Turkey the legal problem you need a lawyer in should be resolved. Lawyers in Turkey generally provide services in the city they are affiliated with. For example, if you want to establish a company in Istanbul in Turkey, it may not be logical to find a lawyer in Ankara for this company establishment. This will be disadvantageous in terms of both cost and time.

We’ve substantially limited your search criteria.

You can now limit your search for a lawyer to “Corporate Lawyer Istanbul” and “Criminal Lawyer Istanbul”.

Does the lawyer I’m looking for speak a foreign language?

The law is unique in Turkey as it is in all countries of the world. Even though some international conventions have made it uniform, the legal system of each country is different from the others. Turkey also has a very complex legal structure.

None of the legal education in Turkey is entirely in English. For this reason, Turkish Lawyers who will not provide services in foreign fields do not need a foreign language. Most lawyers in Turkey do not know foreign languages. For this reason, another criterion has been added that will allow you to narrow your search criteria.

Evaluation of the websites of law firms Istanbul.

One of the criteria for searching lawyers in Turkey over the Internet will be to evaluate the websites of lawyers and law offices from the perspective of the client.

We observe that many internet pages related to advocacy in Turkey are not established by lawyers. As we have stated in the general information section, it is prohibited to provide legal services to anyone other than lawyers in Turkey.

Lawyers Information

Evaluate whether there are photographs, contact information and resumes of real lawyers on the internet pages of law firms. You can also research whether the people introduced as lawyers here are real lawyers.

Address Information

We recommend that you research whether there is a real address in the information on the contact pages of the websites. The website, which is not set up by lawyers, generally does not include any address. You can test whether the locations specified as addresses are real on google maps.

Request a face-to-face meeting

If possible, contact the law firms that you think can offer the legal services you need in an office setting. If not possible, you can request a video call. Many law firms will charge consulting fees for the interview. It may also be possible to deduct these fees from the attorney’s fee upon agreement. There must be trust between the lawyer and his client. Lawyers and clients who do not know each other cannot have a proper relationship. In general, the biggest problem between lawyers and their clients is communication problem. Face-to-face meeting is an important factor in solving this problem in the first place.

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