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BAL Law Firm — BAL Avukatlık Bürosu “Ataköy 7-8-9-10. Kisim District Nivo Atakoy B Blok D.99 Bakirkoy Istanbul Turkey” Istanbul offers professional legal services in its office. Among the recommendations of Bakirkoy Law Firm, our law firm is among the law firms to be cited as a reference. – Learn More


Reliable Relationships

It takes a long time to resolve disputes through litigation in Turkey. Naturally, the relationship between clients and lawyers will continue for a very long time. The principle of BAL Law Firm is to respond to all the needs of its clients and to establish long-term relationships.


Wide Range of Lawyer / Attorney Services

We try to create solutions for our clients not only with their current legal problems, but also with the problems that may arise in the future. For this reason, the scope of work of BAL Law Firm is much wider than the labels “Family Law” “Rental Law” “Real Estate Law” “Bakırköy Criminal Lawyer“.

BAL Law Firm lawyers take care to ensure that their legal services are professional. Our attorneys provide legal consultancy for all legal consultancy issues, corporate solutions for corporate and commercial communities and companies, criminal defense attorneyship for our clients who have been investigated or prosecuted on a criminal charge, representation by power of attorney and representation for legal applications that require the follow-up of the process. process follow-up, mediation and litigation services for the settlement of all kinds of disputes.

Lawyers of BAL Law Firm provide legal services in all disputes arising from residential and roofed workplace lease agreements. In particular, disputes related to rent increase rates, tenant eviction, eviction lawsuits due to eviction undertaking, eviction lawsuits due to non-payment of rental fees, collection and enforcement proceedings, eviction lawsuits due to the need of the new owner, receivables arising from past rental fees, rental adaptation lawsuits, rental price determination lawsuits. We have very competent knowledge and experience on disputes.

BAL Law Firm lawyers divorce cases; It provides legal services in disputes arising from family law such as uncontested divorce cases, contentious divorce cases, property separation cases, alimony and custody cases, jewelery cases, prevention of violence against women and removal decision.

We provide legal services in all disputes within the field of real estate law. We offer our clients the fastest, least costly and effective litigation service in title deed cancellation and registration cases that need to be opened or filed for any reason.

You can get legal support from the lawyers of Bakirkoy Law Firm – BAL Law Firm on legal issues such as disputes arising from partnership relations, company establishments, company liquidations, commercial lawsuits and commercial receivables that may occur during the execution of commercial activities.


Professional Law Firm

Our law firm provides services in accordance with the Havana Rules, the Law of Attorneyship and the Rules of Attorney Professional Ethics, and the principles of knowledge, trust and experience that we accept as the basic principles of our office.

BAL Attorneys at Law, Bakirkoy Law Firm offers its services not only in Turkish, but also in English.



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