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BAL Law Office; It is a law firm that provides legal services in a wide range of subjects to its clients. Effective service is provided to individuals, institutions and companies in all geographical regions of Turkey, especially in Istanbul. ⸻ Learn More 


Expert Lawyers and Team

The lawyers of BAL Law Firm have professional experience in the implementation of Turkish Law and in producing solutions for their clients. Our lawyers attach great importance to the principles of trust, knowledge and experience and the rules of professional ethics. ⸻ Learn More

Memduh Remzi BAL

Lawyer | Attorney at Law

Ece Deniz Vardar

Lawyer | Attorney at Law

Cem Akyazı

Lawyer | Attorney at Law


Wide Range of Practice Areas

We offer legal services for all the problems our clients need in Turkey. As BAL Law Firm, we offer services especially in Criminal Law, Corporate Law, Real Estate Law ,  Contracts and Obligations Law , Family Law, International Commercial Law, Transportation Law, Labor Law, Foreigners Law, Citizenship Law. ⸻ Learn More

Legal Services

Corporate and Individual Advocacy Services

As BAL Law Firm, we offer private attorney services for our clients’ legal problems in Turkey. Get detailed information about our corporate and individual legal services. ⸻ Learn More


Reliable Business Partners

BAL Law Firm also supports the support of other disciplines in its professional legal services. We work with other professionals, especially in matters such as financial consultancy, customs consultancy, tax consultancy, scientific reports. BAL Law Firm also cooperates with professional law firms in foreign cases.


We Are Members of Corporate Institutions

BAL Law Firm is a member of corporate professional organizations in Turkey and around the world. In cooperation with the consulates of foreign countries, we also provide support especially for the solution of our foreign clients.

Turkish Law Firm

Independent Law Firm

BAL Law Firm was established with lawyers who freely represent the defense independent from the founding elements of the judiciary. We provide independent legal services to clients, the judiciary and the administration/state. ⸻ Learn More


English Speaking Lawyers

Our law firm provides services in accordance with the Havana Rules, the Law of Attorneyship and the Rules of Attorney Professional Ethics, and the principles of knowledge, trust and experience that we accept as the basic principles of our office.

BAL Attorneys at Law, Bakirkoy Law Firm offers its services not only in Turkish, but also in English.


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